Elizabeth's paintings are an interesting balance between East and West. Emotionally charged and adroitly rendered, The artist's subjects are a mix of bathing nymphs, ingénues, and jaded women who generally meet the viewer's gaze with an awareness bordering on confrontation. Their features express a common atmosphere of pride, elegance, and inner harmony while at the same time hide untold secrets. These evocative and lyrical paintings explore female sensuality and power.

Although born in Frederiksberg, Denmark, into an Armenian and Danish family in 1960, Elizabeth spent her childhood in Teheran, Iran fully immersed in the vibrant cultures of Persia and Armenia. After studying in England, Elizabeth married Peter Romhild and moved to Saudi Arabia. It was in Riyadh, a town engulfed by orange sand dunes, where exotic souks, veiled women, and a sheltering sky of deep blue first inspired her to apply paint to canvas.

After moving with her husband to Jakarta, Indonesia in 1985, Elizabeth's sense of colour and form became influenced by the deep green and lush tropical vegetation, the dark thunder clouds that roll over The Thousand Islands, and the smell and atmospheric effect of clove cigarettes.

Since 1989 Elizabeth paints in her adopted home of Bangkok, Thailand. Elizabeth, a self-taught artist, creates paintings that are unique unto themselves. They are an interesting weave of different cultures, techniques, styles, and vibrant colours all of which blend to make her paintings an aesthetic as well as an emotional experience.