Title : Red Angel
Size : 164 x 120 cm.
Date : 1993
Technique : Oil on Canvas
Displayed in the permanent collection of Iklektik Designs
In this painting Yang evokes an eastern spirit, but calls upon artistic forms from the Middle Ages. By utilizing Chinese drawing techniques combined with vivid and elegant colors, Yang conveys a pure and simple spirituality that triumphs over the havoc of war. The pyramidal shapes used in composition are symbolic of mankind s emergence into the twenty-first century. He depicts the red angel, a symbol of sincerity, kindness and beauty who protects humans. God, who stands at her left, is blessing the red angel. A trio, who symbolizes the past, present, and future worlds, surround her. The artist includes a portrait of his daughter, representing the new generation looking forward to the future with childlike innocence, and reflecting the people s common wish for peace. The large branching tree is protecting mankind s homeland from the pain and suffering that war will surely bring.