Design inspired by artist
Kanya Chreonsupkul

Welcome to Iklektik Designs

Originally Eclectic Designs of Tokyo, the name has now been changed to the phonetic spelling in order to reveal the originality and uniqueness of the company and its offerings.

Iklektik Designs LLC was incorporated in 1998 as an international, American-based company which represents some of the finest artists, designers and home furnishing companies from Asia. Iklektik specializes in the promotion of Thai culture by introducing many of the most renowned and talented contemporary Thai artists.

Iklektik is dedicated to coordinating the promotion of Thai art through museum and institutional gallery exhibitions and seminars. In addition, Iklektik acts as an art consultant for private gallery exhibitions and purchases by private collectors at Art Fairs and through this web-site. Other artists from Asia are represented also, due to the uniqueness of their work.

The Designer Products selected represent the exquisite beauty of stylish Asian inspired pieces. European Designer, Cebuan de La Rochette is represented through CdLR Designs with her new Home Accessories Line. Lotus Arts de Vivre takes native regional materials and transforms them into extraordinary object d’art. Antique textiles from Japan, in addition to Korean and Chinese antique furniture are also offered….all of which reveal an aspect of traditional heritage that can be mixed well with contemporary design…..creating eclectic fusion.

Eclecticism allows the freedom to combine many elements together to create something that is personal and unique. Respecting and appreciating the past, but being open to new trends in the future is a perfect combination for the new millenium.

Thank you and we would welcome to opportunity to work with you…

Deborah M. Colton
Managing Director
Iklektik Designs LLC