Modern Singapore’s multiple immigrant resource presaged its unique diversity in the Singapore Arts scene. Although no one in the early days had foreseen its future vibrancy. Majority of Singaporean has established their consciousness that life is incomplete without an artistic dimension.

The idea of Multi-Cultural, Multi-Racial Singapore has beginning to capture the public’s imagination although works produced were often ‘rojak-like’ mixtures of Malaly, Chinese, Indian and western forms. Nevertheless, national independence provided the impetus for the appearance of a uniquely Singapore brand of culture.

In 1980s, economic affluence has arrived in modern, independent Singapore – concurrent with a massive thirst for the arts. This was borne of a combination of factors: Economic growth had given Singapore a well-educated young population, highly mobile yet isolated. Aggressively competitive; with increasing disposable income and more leisure time to let off pent-up emotions and hidden frustrations. Certainly ideal conditions for rapid growth in the arts.

The pulse of the Singapore Arts Scene is certainly beating with great energy; there are potential, and the arts market has become very active. But a marketplace does not an arts centre make; not before it enhances the missing elements. That can only come from long period of aesthetic education and creative accumulations.

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