Samples of a few stylish obis from the 60's and 70's era.

Iklektik would like to introduce you to the beauty of Japanese Obi. Over the past several years, we have collected many splendid pieces, which are now offered to discerning collectors, admirers and newcomers of the Japanese Obi. The majority of the pieces we offer are the traditional silk brocade (nishiki) style and the lavishly gold and silver embroidered pieces, all in their original lengths (between 9 to 12 feet). Also offered are the Nagoya obis that have a lesser width, created with a hand stitched fold. Our obis are all between thirty and one-hundred years old and reveal the styles and colours of the particular era.

We have noticed that over the past years the Japanese obis have become a very sought after Interior Décor feature, such as table centre pieces, window dressing panels, wall hangings, bed quilts and even sometimes as divided sections for soft furnishing accessories. Historically, the obi orignated as the wide sash worn with a Kimono, which gradually evolved from the eighth century. It took its present elaborate form in the 1700's when Japanese textile art reached a new height. Since a kimono does not come in varying lengths, the extra material is folded over at the waist and concealed by the wide sash.

The obi is often considered a more important part of the woman's attire than the kimono itself and is selected to contrast and compliment the kimono. For further inquiry's