Attasit Aniwatchon excels in the printing techniques of lithograph and etching. The mystical spaces he creates in his artworks convey a spiritual atmosphere to the viewers, stimulating the imagination and various interpretations. Aesthetically, Attasit's works are balanced and harmonious, yet without boundary.

In his early works, Attasit concentrated on the basic artistic elements of color, form and space. Adopting an abstract approach and a colorful palette, he explored the freedom of presentation while studying how contrasting things exist in harmony.

After establishing his name in the contemporary Thai art circle, Attasit entered the monk-hood, in order to gain a greater understanding of Buddhist philosophy and spiritual wisdom. Attasit's later works were apparently influenced by this experience, becoming more stable and mature in working theme, while the specific artworks became darker by adopting brown, gray, and black tones. The works represent the Buddhist fundamental belief that all things are impermanent - they rise and fall.

Attasit's prints also imply that one should look at the essence of all things rather than being excited by the superficial appearance. This notion is created by the artist's ambiguous spaces, surrounded by what appears to be structures representing the construction of the physical world that we know is ever changing.

In 1990, Attasit graduated from Silpakorn University, where he is now a lecturer in the Graphic Art Department, He has successfully participated in many international exhibitions and been awarded for his high standards.