Title : Gazing Down
Size : 200 x 200 cm.
Date : 1996
Technique : Mangosteen natural colour
& gold leaf peel on canvas
Title : Reclining Buddha
Size : 200 x 200 cm.
Date : 1996
Technique : Acrylic, mangosteen peel

Gazing Down
Gazing Down and Reclining Buddha are usually exhibited as a pair, with one looking up to the sky and the other gazing down from H
eaven. This image is more stable and more peaceful

Reclining Buddha
Panya usually paints the Buddha's portrait but this large image looking up to Heaven doesn't appear as serene as the others . The expression and the texture of the canvas looks rough, suggesting neglect, deterioration or death. Panya thinks this gives a stronger, more interesting feeling.