Paramat Lueng-On responds to the natural world around him and is inspired by the teachings of the Lord Buddha.

This talented young Thai artist projects, "Everything is in a constant state of flux and creation, and in my work I try to capture this movement."

Paramat's titles of his artworks, such as "Smiles", "Sound, Voice" and "Inside and Outside", also indicate his fascination with the body and culture. "Everything I see is part of culture and I would like to present a comparison, of shapes: hands, a monk's face, eyes, nose, mouth or any part of the human body. I consider these shapes to be like a" universe". As the universe is compiled of matter living together, we must try to understand the phenomenon of interconnectedness. And that there is always cause and effect from our actions."

Creating shapes which become symbols of character and relationships, Paramat's art reminds us of infinite growth and change.

A graduate of Silpakorn University in Bangkok, Paramat majored in Thai Art and has been exhibiting in Thailand and around Asia for over ten years. He has shown at the Asian Art Exhibition in Japan and he joined the second ASEAN Symposium of Painting and Photography that toured Southeast Asia.