Thai abstract artist Parinya Tantisuk was brought up in a creative environment, observing, participating in and appreciating the world around him. Both Parinya's artist parents encouraged his talents and efforts, especially his father, Sawasdi Tantisuk a respected National Artist of Thailand. For this gift of art, Parinya is grateful.

After graduating from Silpakorn University in Bangkok in 1976, Parinya won a scholarship to study art education in Japan for three years. He returned to teach at Silpakorn and is today an instructor in the Thai Art Department.

Inspired by the Lord Buddha's teachings (Dhamma) and a practicing Buddhist, Parinya understands the impermanence of all things; that they arise and cease in a cycle of rebirth. He explains this realization as "calming bliss" and wishes to share his perception of the world through artistic creation.

Acknowledging the common human desire for success and prosperity, Parinya suggests that actually a path to greater happiness can be found through the path of Buddhism. The certain nature of change and the interconnectedness of everything are fundamental tenets guiding Parinya's art. He values all relationships and fosters a caring spirit. As a Thai Buddhist, he also finds rich arts and culture in his country.

Parinya's studying in Japan earlier in his career influenced his art. His works are minimal and simplistic, yet having perfect balance and dimension. Parinya's unique combination of experiences and his deep beliefs that are expressed in his works have made him on of the unique artists of Thailand today. This award-winning Thai artist's creations are held in private collections in Thailand, Japan, Hong, Kong, Singapore, Germany and U.S.A.