Phatyos Buddhacharoen experiments with mass and space, harnassing primal energy and searching for harmony. Through a precision use of line and technique, Phatyos interprets the landscape and elements in it, depicting nature and the factors of time and force.

This young artist, who is an art instructor at Silpakorn University in Bangkok, uses the abstract forms in his art to explore the basic universal laws of nature according to Buddhism; that all things are subject to change and nothing remains the same.

Finding expression in the lithographic process, Phatyos draws with grease pencils, crayon, and tusche on several different plates to separate the different colors. His quality, precisely positioned lines integrate themselves and interplay with the space until they seem to no longer exist.

Up close, we can get an idea of the complexity of information and hidden meanings contained in the innumerable tiny dots and fine lines. From a distance, we are better able to appreciate the powerful energy generated by these minute details in combination.

Through the forms, derived from tangible objects such as the pagoda (a traditional Thai mound of earth to mark a sacred site) which appear at once dynamic and filled with power, yet stable, intangible notions of strength and tranquility are generated.

Phatyos plays with the interrelationship between "space" and "lines" and develops a formless inner core and the radiating energy of organic growth. As in the process of discovering the truth. Phatyos consistently and meditatively practices his artistic technique, going deeper to obtain some understanding of the origins of life.

While his earlier works were an expression of feelings, the "Significant Abstract of Form" series is more of a direct expression of his thoughts. In his installations, Phatyos combines his lithographs with elements of stone and glass, reinforcing his connection with the harmony and forces of nature. His undoubted lithographic skills and technique enable him to create extraordinary surface textures in works with intense radiating power.