Roongwit Luckanathin’s art is a unique combination of the mysterious, the sacred, the miraculous and pure adventure. Investing great emotive force and energy in his paintings, Roongwit consistently creates distinctly original art that explores the space between indigenous, traditional Thai art and modern, international aesthetics.

Characterized by sharp and controlled sinuous lines that appear in contrast with some of his abstract forms, Roongwit’s artworks are filled with traditional Thai elements. These patterns, symbols and motifs and colors, which are similar to those found in traditional Thai mural paintings, reflect the artist’s strong concern to participate in the preservation of Thai tradition and culture. Combining his distinct cultural background with an innovative and imaginative worldview, Roongwit’s paintings are both mysterious and philosophical.

Buddhism is a major influence on Roongwit’s art. This young Thai artist believes that practicing art allows self-discovery and that it is the particular journey he needs to take. Indeed, Roongwit’s works frequently depict scenes of journeys, such as a voyage of a ship across a stormy sea, as metaphors for the universal human ‘journey’ through which we all struggle in the search for true happiness, peace and enlightenment. Roongwit also appreciates the Buddhist tenet that life is always changing; constantly moving from one phase into another and his paintings deal with the study of this transformation.

Roongwit graduated from Silpakorn University with a Master of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Thai Art. An award-winner in art competitions in Thailand, he presently instructs at both Silpakorn and Thammasat Universities in Bangkok.