The North of Thailand is home for Thawatchai Somkong. Born in Mae Hong Son and now based in Chiangmai, Thawatchai spent five years in India studying art and Eastern religions. His experience of Buddhism and Hinduism helped to purify his lifestyle as well as his artistic practice.

Thawatchai believes that art can lead people's thinking away from the external world, the physical world, and offer new perspectives on "the essence of things".

This expression of inner vision and wisdom conveys deep meanings that stimulate the viewer into contemplation, to find his or her own interpretation.

Symbols of nature and Buddhism such as the lotus and stupa forms are strong features of Thawatchai's artwork. The artist's rich colors, textures, dots and simple lines create auras and illusions, which add a sacred and mystical atmosphere and evoke blissful feelings. These striking visual effects in Thawatchai's works are conceptualized with spiritual meanings and hidden thought, thus creating truly spiritual art.

Thawatchai's earlier works were more realistic, with some surrealist effects, whereas his more recent works have less detail and emphasize the notions of 'rising and falling', and 'wandering souls'.

Highly regarded in his home country and abroad, Thawatchai has been awarded numerous prizes both in Thailand and internationally. This freelance Thai artist regularly exhibits worldwide and believes that life and art are synonymous.