Currently the Director of the Art Centre at Silpakorn University in Bangkok, Vichoke Mukdamanee is a respected veteran of the Thai art scene. While his busy position involves much organizing of large-scale international art events, he still finds time for his own creative expressions that make abstract yet specific references to modern Thai life.

Vichoke's art is inspired by the drastic change in urban and rural landscapes and he explores the space where nature meets technology. He investigates the impact of the growth of industry and globalization on the developing countries in Asia

Sincerely concerned about the effects of these rapid changes on the natural environment, Vichoke develops themes of forest conservation, sustainable agriculture and caring for the earth in his mixed media pieces.

Respect for the power of nature and the Buddha's teachings are fundamental aspects of all of Vichoke's works. Imaginatively using natural forms and symbols in abstract way, Vichoke communicates his ideas and adds new dimensions to our view and understanding of Thailand today.

Vichoke believes that alongside the progress of technology and its offer of endless possibilities, we must hold onto our values, remember our roots, our basic way of life and our culture. His "Universe: Life: Science" series in 1996 made reference to the unlimited dreams in this immense universe and our growth from origins.

Loss of tradition, environmental degradation from over-industrialization, dwindling forests caused by greed, corruption, politics and the race to new status... Vichoke draws attention to these serious challenges and fears the danger of humans interfering with the natural cycles, for their own advantage, without considering the repercussions.

Buddhist philosophy reveals the truth of the cycle of birth and death, creation and destruction, new life and decay. Throughout life we face many trials and undergo many changes. Suffering is inevitable. In the struggle to find balance in our everyday lives, we develop strategies to help live with all the confusion.

Connected with Japan through his study there, in 1996 in Yokohama, Vichoke presented the theme of "Boat and Life", outlining his idea that we share our boat, sailing on sometimes stormy seas. By helping each other we can balance the boat and stabilize our lives.

Into the dialogue between innovation and destruction, Vichoke introduces questions about our direction into the future and the choices we must make to guide our path.