He paints because he loves to paint. He discovered his talent when he was in a primary one at the age of seven. Obviously Art lesson was his favourite and he never failed to impressed his art teacher by winning most of the art competitions and having his art works as the biggest art collection pasted on the school notice board. Moral supports from family and friends have determined his ambition to be a professional artist. Jalal passion for painting has sharpened his thinking and he became more observant. He enjoys studying and exploring any subject that caught into his interest. He becomes more appreciative. He appreciates shape, colours, textures and anything that creates form.

The urge to know more into the art world has brought him to many places. He met many people, read lot of books and study all kind of subjects. He documented most of his study by sketching, writing and photography. He starts to question about a lot of things. About human feelings, human need, infinity, love, war, animals and any other thing which take shelter inside this planet earth. Eventually he employs all these elements as a substance for his work. The urge to express to people about what he feel has created some kind of personal bonding between the canvas and himself. He usually treated his canvas as a sparring partner where together they engage into "Fine Art Combat".

To complete one good painting is never an easy task for him. Time is always seemed to be too short and materials usually missing when he needs them. Idea change course when he navigates half way. Obviously strong endurance, stamina and stay focus are the main factors that will ensure the success for every production of his art work. Strong colours, textures and imagery, underlines the importance of Jalal’s work. These features constitute the primary elements or properties of the composition and contents of his work. It convey vitality and syncopated rhythms that characterise the whole painting. To do so Jalal employs strong colours and strong illustration, principally to enhance the painting and at the same time to seduce the audience attention. At one occasion Jalal was drawn to "Classical Wayang" (Classical Puppet) because of its legendary status. Furthermore its difference from the systemised materially driven pace of city living. The characters, backdrops, scenarios and icons appeal him.

The remarkably entertaining stories encompass universal moral and ethical philosophical concepts to inspire inner contemplation and set standards for outwards behaviour. Jalal do the thinking when he is alone. Ironically the ideas always arrive at an unpredictable moments – when he is driving, in the shower, in the train and sometimes while having meeting with some business clients. Curiously most of his ideas come to him when he is having fun with little children. Maybe they are the beautiful, innocence and pure, as such it distress his mind. It is really strange when you think about it, you can sit with someone for hours, racking your brain for an inspiration, and afterwards when you are on your own, suddenly its there.