Title : In A Male Dominated Society
Size : 150 x 110 cm
Date : 1995
Technique : Acrylic on Canvas

The subject of sexual harassment was widely debated in 1994. Jalal was one of the people, who was very interested with this subject. He felt so disturbed about this subject and he decided to express his impression onto his canvas. Somewhere in mid May 1994 he happened to read one article about a sexual harassment in Japan. The article revealed the confession of a female Senior Manager who was treated like a coffee girl infront of her fellow male colleagues. She was the only female in the company. She protested over the idea of her making the coffee. Upon asking she was told by the CEO that woman job is to make coffee and woman do belong to the kitchen. She retaliated by tendering her resignation.

There were also some similar incidents happened in US, Pakistan, India and some other country with much worst treatment. These materials had sparked some sort of inspiration for Jalal to start painting. It took him about four months to complete this painting and he called it In A Male Dominated Society. This painting is very unique. Strong in illustration and very details in getting the right tone for every single subject featured in the painting. The more, ones look into the painting the stronger the anxiety to know the message behind this painting.

The hollowed figure that Jalal drawn is a depiction of human strength. The blue colour is a representation of Maturity, Red is Strength and White is Justice. It stands tall and strong among other male figures in the painting. The female subject which is inside the hollow figures is successfully shown as the person who is in fear and insecure. Most of the male characters in the painting ware featured with masks, glaring eyes, jutting tongues and some goodies that obviously to depict insincerity and ill intention. They surrounded the poor woman like a Vulture about to strike onto its prey.

Jalal in a cynical manner challenge his audience to be Strong, be Mature and Intellectual. Without these factors no one will be able to fit into the attire of Strength, Maturity and Justice. Forever the person will not be able to rise and be the confirmed victim to these vultures. Some people who have fitted into this attire were; Benazir Bhutto (PM for Pakistan), Margaret Thatcher (PM for Britain) and Indira Gandhi (PM for India). They ruled the world of man, they managed them and they obviously deserved the respect as a World Class Leaders. They were able to do it because they have possessed and realised their Strength through Education, Exposure, Endurance, Humane and Projection in life.