Title : Early Bird
Size : 110 x 110 cm
Date : 1992
Technique : Acrylic on Canvas

He captured this subject when he was camping at one of the southern island of Singapore. In this painting he was actually amazed with this medium built bird called Kingfisher. Kingfisher is known for its beautiful features, colourful feathers, fast flyers, very sharp eyes and a good hunter. Kingfisher has a strong determination, it never gives up to wait and strike efficiently upon seeing its target.

Looking at this, it reflects strongly to the rat racing lifestyle that never stop to race. The kingfisher is a close reference to the young entrepreneur. Who enjoy good life and very serious in making a big deal and be successful in a very short time. They are adventurous, risk taker and creative. Unaware to many, these strong features of determinations has created many successful young people. They hold most of major post in the organisation, managing the countries and invention of e-lifestyle.

What Jalal wanted to show is that people has to expect a lot of drastic changes in this current world. The choice seems limited. People must try their best to adapt with the changes. To keep going on, people must at least possess the quality of the Kingfisher. Beautiful, Fast, Sharp, Strong Endurance, Skilful and Decisive. If not you will just lag behind and never enjoy the benefits of The Early Bird.