Title : Dot.Com
Size : 120 x 120 cm
Date : 1999
Technique : Acrylic on Canvas

As early as 1988, Jalal has been toiling an idea about making a painting base on a subject called Technology. This subject is very wide but very interesting to probe into. Jalal knows the challenge ahead, he will be facing a tough time in order to bring this subject into his artistic world. The arrival of year 2000 with the strong rumours on Y2K attack has created a space for Jalal to do some detail research on Technology. Every day the world busy talking about Y2K attack, about Y2K ready software and about the money that changing hands because of this issue.

After more than two months,Jalal came out with this painting, entitled: Dot.Com. It is a very interesting painting. The colour was creatively spread with bold stroke playing an active role in enhancing the movement of the subjects in the painting. Overall Jalal has successfully creating a space for his audience to look beyond their imagination. Looking into the next lap and surfing through a new era of Dot.Com environment.