Title : The Back-up system
Size : 120 x 120cm
Date : 1999
Technique : Acrylic on Canvas

Living in the world of technology that change in every single minute has opened Jalal eyes much wider. There is no way for him to deny the existence and the important of technology for this present way of standard of living. Each time new development of technology is introduced to the market , it is also the time Jalal see changes in people reaction. The media becomes crazy. People getting excited and a lot of money changing hands. Technology becomes people best friend.

Technology received more trust and gain better recognition. Most of the time it is able to create some kind of sophisticated image to the person who has the back up service from this technology. Technology is the way of life now. Jalal obviously understand that technology never come cheap and it is never fail to improve itself and due to that technology has created a kind of imaginary race track for people to compete.